South Florida Cooking Lessons

Learn to cook like a pro with Chef Bushman’s cooking lessons and classes. Whether you are looking for a private cooking lesson to learn how to make that special someone’s favorite dish, or want to host a cooking class for friends and family, we would make a perfect team.

Private Cooking Lesson

A perfect option for one or two, a member of the Chef Bushman team will bring the ingredients and tools necessary to teach you to make a 3 course meal, from appetizer to dessert. Have something in mind? Let us know and we’ll teach you how to make it with the freshest ingredients, and of course, with our signature healthy happy twist. Want to be surprised? Let us know your flavor preferences and we’ll surprise you.

No matter what level you’re at in the kitchen, we will work with you to design a perfect lesson that will help you improve your current skills and gain the confidence to cook something you might have never tried before.

Group Cooking Lesson

Ideally for 3 or more, a group cooking lesson is a perfect addition to a gathering or event, or even makes a great standalone activity. You bring the kitchen and the family and friends, we bring the ingredients and supplies.

Similar to our private cooking lessons, we will work with you to determine skill level of your group and then decide on a menu that fits your group’s needs and of course, your tastes.

Cooking Classes

Want to dig a little deeper? We can arrange a series of cooking classes for you or a group to take your cooking skills beyond what you could ever imagine. Depending on skill level, we’ll design a schedule of courses that you’ll need to gain confidence in the kitchen and learn to shop, plan, and prepare food like a chef.