Your Personal Chef

Have you ever eaten something delicious at a restaurant and thought, “I wish I could eat this well at home?” Make it happen with Chef Bushman’s personal chef services. Always striving for healthy happy, the goal at Chef Bushman is to bring food that tastes good, looks good, and makes you feel good to you.

At Home Personal Chef

Whether you are feeding 1 or 15, we offer a variety of options for our at home personal chef services. We can assist you with a one-time event or set up regular meal preparation that fits your routine and schedule, daily, weekly, or on an as-needed basis.

A member of the Chef Bushman team will work with you to design your menu, with a healthy happy twist, and come fully-stocked with ingredients and tools to work in your kitchen. Don’t stress about your kitchen’s size or shape, we’re professionals who thrive with a challenge.

Want to see the Chef in action? Watch and learn as we julienne, steam, and whisk our way through your menu.

Personal Chef services are currently available for breakfast, lunch and dinner throughout South Florida.

Meal Delivery Service

For those who want healthy food but don’t have time or space for an in-home chef, our meal delivery services are a great, budget-friendly option.

Again, a member of the Chef Bushman team will personal work with you to design your desired meal plan and schedule. Your meals will be delivered fully prepared, or with detailed instructions on how to heat or serve. Though we focus on fresh, simple ingredients, you might surprised how delicious simplicity tastes.

Try a meal today, give us a call at 561-287-1551.

Healthy Meals at Home

Eating healthy meals shouldn’t be as hard as it sometimes is. If you’ve found yourself wondering how to start eating healthy, Chef Bushman can be your solution. From healthy snacks to healthy meals for kids to healthy dinner recipes, our personal chef services and meal delivery options offer an easy way to get dinner on the table—as often as you’d like.



Real Food

Healthy food starts with real, fresh ingredients. At Chef Bushman, we pledge to use only the realest, freshest ingredients.

Real Technique

With a culinary degree from Johnson & Wales University in Florida, Chef Bushman bring real technique to the table. You should ask him about his knife skills… we dare you!

Real Passion

Even as a teenager, Chef Bushman loved getting to the bottom of what was in a dish and how it was made. Today the Chef brings that passion to your kitchen.