What is Healthy Happy?

If healthy = happy, and happy = healthy, than what is healthy happy? Woah, let’s not get too complicated here. Healthy Happy is exactly what it sounds like. When you eat healthy, you live happy.

Chef Bushman’s vision is to inspire to eat better and live better through his culinary expertise. Whether that means cooking for you in your home, delivering meals to your door, teaching you his skills, or catering your next event, we are here to bring you a healthy happy lifestyle.

Why Healthy Happy?

How often do you hear about some new diet or the latest superfood? Have you been desperately blending green smoothies, snacking on chia seeds, or cutting out entire food groups in an effort to be happy?

We’re going to be blunt—that’s all crap. Forget it. Food is food is food. Don’t be scared of it, don’t avoid it, and don’t overdo it. We believe in healthy happy because we want people to stop listening to what they read in the news and what they hear on TV and start listening to what really matters—your body.

Why healthy happy? Because taking care of yourself should be #1.

How do I Healthy Happy?

Healthy Happy is about being real. Forget diet fads, the latest health crazes, organic vs. non-organic, and just do you. Real ingredients & real food that tastes good. Health Happy doesn’t mean never eating carbs again or indulging in a sweet treat every once in a while.

How do you healthy happy? Make a commitment to start fresh, cook food, and try new things. Sound hard? The good news is we’re here to help, in lots of different ways. Check it out:

So, what does healthy happy mean for you?


What is your healthy happy?