A Chef’s Tale: Part 9

A Chef’s Tale: Part 9

Entry 9: December 11, 2014


Final prep for my 1st final in 14+ years…


As class started this morning I was focused. The main goal for today is be ready for Monday. Overall the day was a great success! I performed my knife cuts with a good amount of improvement, submitted all three required dishes, and was given very good feedback from the chef. As important as anything, my flow was good, which made me feel comfortable as I went. To insure giving myself the best chance to deliver up to my fullest potential on the final I need to prepare my recipes this weekend. Chef even suggested drawing a picture of what I want the plated food to look like (I can even draw a heart). Seriously, I am creative but I can’t draw at all. This is probably why I am struggling with plating foods. Tomorrow afternoon I’m going to hit a bookstore to get the books that chef and my friend will recommend.


Class ran late because as a group a poor job was done of cleaning as we went. Personally I used a small sauce pan and a small sauté pan. Not sure why others used like 76 pots and pans… we have been instructed to deliver what is asked to the best of our ability while keeping it simple and let your food do the talking. LOL!  Growing up my coach for many years was an awesome man named, George Paris, may he rest in peace. Anyways he coached me using the mottos K.I.S.S (Keep It Simple Stupid) and “don’t talk s***, just let your racket do the talking. Winning is the best solution!” Life does come full circle once in a while.  This time its welcomed because those two saying are a big part of what makes the good things about me good. My head is screwed on straight and I’m ready to rock this practical.


The written portion of our final brings a whole other feeling to my belly, you know that one, OOHH S***! I feel as if I know the material but not the point where I’m ready to stop reviewing it. So, this weekend ill read all the lectures, quizzes and reading assignments again. This final shall be rocked! My goal in this a class grade of an “A”!

Chef Bushman
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