A Chef’s Tale: Part 11

A Chef’s Tale: Part 11

Entry 11: December 17, 2014


Things change…


Yesterday was the first day of my new class and it’s the first night of Hanukah. I apologize for not writing last evening, but family comes first. Mom made the first night, well actually Shorty’s bbq helped out. Mom didn’t put the turkey breasts in the oven till almost 5pm and we are supposed to eat at 6pm… they take about two hours. So, mom didn’t want me to cook or worry about anything, but I still wound up at Shortys to get ribs and chicken because the turkey wasn’t done till 715… mom you’re fired, Ill get this from now on.


The new class is another step in the progression to learning how to do things the proper way. Chef Roch is very experienced and has some solid real world kitchen experience to share with us, I look forward to what he brings. The new skills we will learn in class this are frying: shallow, deep and pan-fried is on the menu… potatoes, veal, fillet of sol, zucchini fritters, fish fritters, sweet potato fries, potato croquettes, fried onions, and more… ya I don’t like fried food, but its gotta be learned… everything in moderation is acceptable.

Chef Bushman
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