A Chef’s Tale: Part 10

A Chef’s Tale: Part 10

Entry 10: December 15, 2014


1st final rocked… kinda!


All things considered, I’m happy with the performance. The written portion was nailed like a wood coffin. I might have missed a few questions, but definitely feeling like an ‘A’. We received the start signal at 7:15am. I took my time, reviewed my answers, and confidently turned in the completed exam at 7:26am… the chef looked up in utter confusion, thinking I quit and was going to walk out. However, he looked down to see a fully completed scantron form and back up to see a smirk on my face. Now I have a few minutes to kill before we start the practical portion, aahhh. Cesar finished only minutes behind me and we both felt like we did well. Lets hope so…


8am practical time, and I’ve drawn the cook first and do cuts second group. Luckily Cesar chose the same draw. Now at least we are working next to a familiar person. This served us well and the results showed it. The one big mistake I made was my roux blanc turned roux blonde, chef let me redo but I only scored a 5.5 out of ten, this was the lowest score on anything of mine that was graded today.


With the first class in the past, I am rearing and ready for the next one. If I was a betting man, id bet ill wind up with a “B” overall in the class. This will piss me off because my goal is straight A’s, however it’s not the end of the world. I will use it as fuel to improve!

Chef Bushman
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