Defining Healthy Happy Living.

What is healthy happy?


Healthy Happy living is what we are all about. It’s getting rid of the trendy diets, the GMOs, the organic craze… and going back to the basics. Real food. Real taste. It doesn’t have to be complicated, but we promise it will be tasty.


Here at Chef Bushman, it’s our mission to share food that tastes good, looks good, and makes you feel good. Want a taste?

Chef Bushman focuses on bringing you Healthy Happy in a number of ways. Planning an event? We cater. Need to impress that special someone? We’ll prepare a gourmet dinner prepared in right in your kitchen. Always wondered how that restaurant makes your favorite dish? We can teach you.


Check out our services or get in touch to let us know how we can best help you.

Personal Chef Services

Got a fancy dinner date? Want healthy meals delivered to your door? You can count on Chef Bushman’s personal chef services to deliver.

Personal Chef Services
Cooking Lessons

Learn to cook classic recipes with a healthy twist. Chef Bushman offers private cooking lessons backed by his culinary expertise.

Cooking Lessons
Catering/Private Events

We all know that events are all about the food. Never plan a boring event again—have Chef Bushman cater instead!

Catering/Private Events
Meet Chef Robby

Your Healthy Living Counselor

chef bushman

My passion for cooking started early in my life and unlike many other childhood activities and hobbies, my constant desire to cook and to cook healthy food has only grown. Throughout my career and through my studies in exercise and health science, I’ve chosen to live a healthy lifestyle complete with fresh cooked food and exercise to name of couple things. This has continued and now I prepare fresh cooked food for my family on a daily basis, my friends, and clients… I Love doing it! I feel humbled that people enjoy what I prepare. My goal is to share my gift with everyone who’s willing to be happier and healthier, by eating delicious food!

What's Cooking?

Check out what’s cooking on our blog.

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